Vermont neighbor remembers humble Treat Williams as ‘just another townie’

Vermont locals say Treat William is down to earth, not Mr. Hollywood around locals
Vermont natives say Treat William is down to earth, not “sir.”hollywood around the locals

Despite a successful career in film and television that spanned more than a decade, Treat Williams is most missed by his Vermont neighbors as a humble family man.

Matt Rapphahn, who owns the Long Trail Auto Shop in East Dorset, recalls blue blood The actor is a very kind person.

Rapphahn first met Williams about four years ago when he was working on one of Williams’ Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

“He’s just another redneck from the neighborhood,” Rapphahn told people“He’s not Mr. Hollywood. When we finish his motorcycle…he’ll be in the garage here, and we’re actively working on plans to do some repairs on some of his vintage cars.”

According to Rapphahn, Treat Williams, 71, has an impressive collection of vintage cars, including a 1950s Chevrolet Apache truck and an early 1970s Oldsmobile.

“We’d run into him in town and shoot shit with him and talk about movies and music and cars and motorcycles and trucks.”

“Just every time we talked, he was always funny and good-natured, he asked how you were and had a real interest in whoever he was talking to.”

Treat Williams’ life was tragically cut short Monday when another vehicle hit his beloved 1986 Honda VT700c motorcycle on Route 30.

The actor was reportedly thrown about 15 feet away, which was sadly witnessed by Matt Rapphahn.

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