The Academy of Magical Arts Selects First Entertainment Credit Union as its Financial Partner


First Entertainment has partnered with the Academy of Magical Arts to Helping magicians, members, and Academy staff access financial resources tailored to the entertainment industry

Los Angeles, California, June 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — First Entertainment Credit Union, the premier financial partner for creators in the entertainment industry, is proud to announce a new partnership with the Academy of Magical Arts (AMA).The partnership began with sponsorship of the Academy of Magical Arts awards ceremony May 25will provide AMA members with access to financial products and educational resources for entertainers, while supporting the AMA’s overall initiatives.

“As a financial institution dedicated to serving the needs of independent contractors in the entertainment industry, we recognize the unique financial needs entertainers encounter,” said stephen irwin, President and CEO of First Entertainment Credit Union. “Through this partnership, the AMA will have access to financial resources and literacy programs tailored specifically for entertainers so that both Academy members and AMA employees can succeed in their careers.”

Academy of Magical Arts, based in Hollywood, California Of the more than 4,500 members of the historic Magic Castle®, 190 of them are on a mission to promote the art of magic and a positive image of magic and magicians throughout the world.

“The Academy of Magical Arts has chosen First Entertainment Credit Union as its financial partner for a variety of compelling reasons,” said michael albright, Creative Director of Magic Arts Academy. “First Entertainment’s unique understanding of the entertainment industry and their ability to adapt to the changing needs of their members makes them a particularly good fit for our membership. They are a well-known financial institution, highly regarded for their personal assistance that helps improve lives” Their members are better, and in that regard, we have a lot in common. We can be proud of the relationship.”

About First Entertainment Credit Union
Since 1967, First Entertainment Credit Union has served creators in the entertainment industry.Headquartered in Hollywood, CaliforniaFirst Entertainment provides banking and financial services through its 8 branches in China Los Angeles County – includes Warner Bros., Sony and Paramount studio locations – and manages $2 billion A team of over 250 employees. First Entertainment provides financial solutions to nearly 90,000 members through accessible 24/7 digital banking, unique entertainment industry financial products, services and ATMs.access website.

About the Academy of Magical Arts
The Academy of Magical Arts (AMA) is a unique not-for-profit private club. Members of the AMA – including the world’s most eminent and famous magicians and magicians – live by the credo of “magic first” and are dedicated to the advancement of the art of magic and the preservation of its history. Its headquarters and private club, The Magic Castle®, has been an internationally renowned meeting place for the Fraternity of Magic since it opened in 1963.lie in Hollywood In a historic, elegant mansion dating back to 1908, the castle is an experience in itself – a remarkable meeting place that captures a lost era with a timeless allure that has hosted generations of magicians from around the world Lovers, as well as show business elite from Cary Grant, Tony Curtis, johnny carson, orson wells, Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Alexander (all show members) to ben affleck and jennifer lopez, Katy Perry and johnny depp. Enchanted Castle by Milt Larsen, Bill Larson Jr.and Bill’s wife Erin. Visit us online:

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