The 27 Sports Teams That Have Doubled In Value Over The Past Five Years

WOver the past five years, innings tournaments and new stadiums have driven the biggest increases in team value. Champions equate to bigger prize money, higher ticket prices and bigger sponsorship deals.Modern stadiums allow owners to earn more cash from lavish suites and restaurants and whatnot taylor swift concert and UFC match.

Of the 27 teams that have doubled or more in value over the past five years, 13 (FC Atlanta, New York City, LAFC, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool, Manchester City, Los Angeles Rams, Golden State Warriors, Milwaukee Deerwalds, Toronto Raptors, Tampa Bay Lightning, Colorado Avalanche) have won at least one league championship, and nine teams (DC United, NYCFC, Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Rams, The Farrow Bills, Golden State Warriors, Milwaukee Bucks, New York Islanders, Tottenham Hotspur) have moved into or are building new stadiums.

Overall, the 27 teams saw an average increase in value of 146%. In comparison, the 133 teams we value are up an average of 74% since 2018. Since our valuations for each sport are published at different times of the year (2023 for football and MLB, and 2022 for NBA, NFL and NHL), precise comparisons to the stock market are not possible. But as a rough comparison, the S&P 500 is up 55% over the five-year period to today.

Two billionaires stand out most in our top 27 — Stan Kroenke and Josh Harris.The former, who pays $5 billion SoFi Stadium, which has won championships over the past five years with the Rams (2021) and Avalanche (2022), both of which are on our top 27 list, and one with the Denver Diggers The champions of the Golden Team, who aren’t on our list but are sure to profit from their NBA title win earlier this week.Harris, meanwhile, has yet to win a title but is close to buying the Washington Commanders and hopes to build a new arena For the Philadelphia 76ers. Both Kroenke and Harris rank among the most valuable sports empires in the world.

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