Summoned to a parallel world many times chapter 1

Introduction to the story

Keiki Kiryu is called to an alien world as a “hero” to save the princess. However, he is a high school student who is not really interested in girls. After Keiki successfully returned home, he continued to call her every day. The same thing happens every time: he brings life or death, saves the day and returns home. To Keiki, being a hero feels like nothing but torture. But one day he meets a girl who changes everything…

Background of the characters

All the four main characters of this story are invited to the parallel world. But their backgrounds and motivations are different.

Sora is the hero. He is a high school student who has been invited many times to the Western world. His mission is to find his way home and not be invited back.

Aqua is one of Sora’s closest friends. He was also invited to the Western world, but does not remember how or why. Aqua is kind and caring, but can be emotional at times.

Kairi is one of Sora’s best friends. He was born in the West and never left it. Siri is strong and determined, but she can be distant.

Riku is Kairi’s older brother. He was born in the West, but left it at a young age and has since become a powerful mage. Although Riku is serious and independent, he can be aloof at times.

What do you call them?

There are those born with the ability to see through the veil of reality and communicate with otherworldly beings. Their name was Samanlu.

Some cultures believe that everyone has the ability to call, but it is an ability that must be respected. Through years of study and practice, summoners learn to open themselves to other planes of existence and invite beings to please them.

Others believe that petitioners choose souls. A spirit finds a way to enter and connect with the dream of the summoner while searching for a character or weapon to achieve its goal.

However, summoning power is not easy. Its users should seek nothing more than control and understanding. When dealing with external forces, there is a risk of losing yourself in the process.

The world is in our hands

You want a detailed description of the world in which the characters interact;

It is a world where magic and other supernatural elements are both real and normal. Nature is beautiful and full of life, colorful flora and fauna. The sun is said to be the most beautiful on earth and at night the stars are so bright that they can light up the sky for miles. This world is full of danger in the form of dangerous monsters and powerful magic users.

Strange creatures and elements inside

Throughout history there have been reports of strange creatures and elements of the world that defy explanation. Some of these creatures are so strange that they have become legends, while others are more familiar but not mysterious. Here are some of the strangest creatures and elements in the world:

Yeti, or Abominable Snowman, is a creature that lives in the Himalayas. Reports of the Yeti first appeared in the early 19th century and continued throughout the years. The Yeti was a large ape-like creature, covered in fur, and by some accounts was up to 10 feet tall. Although there has never been definitive proof of the yeti’s existence, many believe it is a descendant of an extinct ape.

The Kraken is a legendary sea creature that lives in the waters off the coast of Norway. The Kraken is huge, with some reports saying it can grow up to 100 feet tall. It is said to have tentacles which it uses to attack and destroy ships underwater. Although the Kraken’s appearance is uncertain, many believe it is based on a real animal such as a squid or octopus.

El Chupacabra originates from Puerto Rico. They say it looks like a dog

Challenges in this new environment

The many times I’ve called Parallel World, I’ve encountered two major problems.

The first is constant warfare. There is a constant war between different groups in this world. So when I entered this new world, I was thrown into the middle of this conflict. The constant struggle to survive is exhausting.

The second problem is psychological. He tries to resist and I can’t change no matter what

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