Summoned to a parallel world many times chapter 1

Introduction to the Story

Keiki Kiryu is summoned to a parallel world as a “hero” to rescue the princess.However, Keiki is just a high school student who doesn’t care about girls when he successfully returns to his own world. Every day the call continues.Every time, the same thing happens.He puts himself in a life-threatening situation, saves, and returns home.Being a hero seems nothing but pain for Keiki, but one day he meets a woman .the girl who changes everything.. . . . .

Background Characters

The four main characters in this story are all summoned to the same parallel world.However, their backgrounds and motivations are different.

Sora is the protagonist of the story. She is a high school student who has been called to the Western world several times. Her goal is to find a way back home and prevent her from being recalled again.

Aqua is one of Sora’s best friends. She was also called to the Western world. But she couldn’t remember how or why. Aqua is kind and caring. But sometimes you push.

Kairi is another best friend of Sora’s. Born in the western world and never gone, Kyrie is strong and determined. But she can be reckless.

Riku is Kairi’s older brother. He was also born in the Western world. But he left it as a child and has been a powerful wizard ever since. Riku is serious and independent. But sometimes he acts aloof

How were they called?

There are those born with the ability to see beyond the confines of this reality and communicate with extraterrestrials. They were known as the Callers.

Some cultures believe that everyone has the ability to summon. But it is a skill that needs to be cultivated. Through years of study and practice, callers learn to open themselves to other dimensions of existence. and summons monsters to do their bidding.

Some believed that the spirits chose the summoners themselves. It is said when spirits seek a vessel to possess or a means to achieve their goals. They would find their way into the summoner’s dream and bind there.

Regardless of how they come about, the power of summoning should not be ignored. Those who use it must be careful not to invoke anything beyond their control or understanding. For when dealing with external forces there is always the danger of destroying oneself in the process.

The world in hand

Let’s say you want a detailed description of the world your character is sent to;

Meet the monsters and elements within.

There have been reports of strange creatures and elements throughout history. in the world that seems to defy explanation. Some of these creatures are so bizarre that they become legendary stories. Others may be better known. But it is no less mysterious. Here are some strange creatures and elements. Some of them are found in the world;

A disgusting yeti or snowman is a creature that lives in the Himalayas. Yeti reports first appeared in the early 19th century, and Yeti sightings have continued through the years. The Yeti is said to be a large, fur-covered, ape-like creature. Some reports describe it as being up to 10 feet tall, although there has been no hard evidence of a Yeti. But many believe it could be the offspring of an extinct species of ape.

The Kraken is a mythical sea creature that is said to inhabit the waters off the coast of Norway. The Kraken is said to be huge. Some reports say it could be up to 100 feet long. Although no Kraken sightings have been confirmed. But many believe it could be based on real life like a squid or an octopus.

El Chupacabra is said to have originated from Puerto Rico. Is it called like a dog?

Challenges to be faced in this new environment

I have two major problems in the Western world where I have been invoked so many times.

The first is constant fighting.There always seems to be a war going on between factions in this world.When I came to this new world, I was thrown into the middle of these conflicts. Constantly fighting and trying to stay alive was exhausting.

Unexpected allies or enemies encountered along the way.

Although it is commonly believed that we should be alone on a trip of a lifetime. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Every time we have the opportunity to make a new friend or enemy. These relationships are often formed.


This chapter shows how our protagonist Jinko is summoned to a parallel world and his struggle to understand the rules of this new universe. We have learned about the monsters he has faced so far. and his future adventures as a whole This chapter builds an important precedent.

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