Star-Studded Dining & Entertainment Experience Comes to Sugar Land


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Sugar Land This might not be the first place you think of when you hear about a culinary event attended by some of Houston’s most famous chefs, but this growing suburb has seen continued growth and development. It’s now home to an ever-changing population of residents who want new and exciting cuisines without having to travel within the Loop.So, Sugar Land makes sense it’s for nowhere supper club, described as a “celebration of Houston’s vibrant and diverse restaurant culture.” It’s scheduled to take place on July 15 at an as yet unannounced location.

rebisA real estate management company in Dallas is hosting a supper club and entertainment experience.A review of the website and social media pages confirms that the company has been managing Sugar Town City Plaza, a mixed-use development in the city’s dining hub since 2019.Another of its investments in Houston is autry parkwhere several highly anticipated restaurants will open, including MF Lobster and Ceviche and annan ChefChris Kinjo.

Alba Huerta of Julep. Photo by Julie Soffer.

The evening included an impressive five-course dinner featuring Houston talent. albahuertaJames Beard Award Winning Owner wine, Your evening will start with a welcome cocktail and a selection of sushi Bigler “Big” Cruzthe chef golfer. The first course of treatment Singapore Style Chilli Crab Served with Fermented Tomatoes and Peppers, Farm Eggs and Grilled Roast by James Beard Award Winning Chef Paul Quay, With multiple concepts in Houston, including the aforementioned Golfstrommen, Soy Pinot and kings of the east.

Dawn Burrell“Top Chef” Semifinalist, James Beard Award Finalist and Chef Boss end of august ——Her long-awaited restaurant is coming soon ion This summer — showcasing African and Asian fusion flavors.Her class is the second class, which is BBQ tripe Charcoal-style with hibiscus, cucumber buttermilk soup, fermented cucumbers, popped cornbread, and herbs.

Voted Best Pastry Chef in Latin America, Luis Robledo is a world-renowned owner and creator peddling chocolate and chef boss mayavel, a new concept for Autry Park. At dinner, Robledo accentuates his savory and sweet flavors with a third course. Glazed Pork Bellychilmole (black achiote paste) and braised black bean paste, and dessert sets of different flavors fritters With various sauces.Each course will be accompanied by a wine carefully selected by the Court of Masters Advanced Sommelier Ryan Cooperthe owner of where the wine.

The event will be a complete live music and dance performance experience Troy Curtis Entertainment whole night. Ticket prices of $150 per ticket include all food, beverages and gratuities.Part of the event proceeds will benefit Friends of the James Beard Foundation. Tickets are Now available on eventbrite. To keep the mystery alive, the location will be announced the day before the event on Friday, July 14th.


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