Sprouses To Be With Barbara Palvin And Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin.you can
Recognize them from one of Heidi Klum’s business cards —
Lively halloween party in which two
Found wearing matching Dragon Ball Z cos-
time. Or maybe you know they’re cute–
Be affectionate and playful on the red carpet.
But we know them from the V Magazine party
A few years ago, the newly appointed officials
Couple sneak out for a smoke and then
Swap their first I love you.Now
They’re engaged, only they make sense
Come back for our blessings.they sit down
Zoom with the groom’s twins and best man,
Cole Sprouse, talking about slipping into DMs,
Hungarian wedding traditions, and what they have in common
Love to Naruto.

Barbara wears all outfits, hats, gloves, shoes DIOR
All Jewelry TIFFANY & CO.
From top to bottom:
T Pavé Diamond Hinged Bracelet
(18k White Gold, Large)
Victoria Vine Hinged Bracelet
(gold with diamonds)
Fringe Drop Earrings
(platinum and yellow gold with diamonds)
Victorian Graduation Line Necklace
(platinum with diamonds)
Victoria Diamond Vine Necklace

Dylan wears all clothing shoes DIOR MEN
All Jewelry TIFFANY & CO.
From left to right:
Schlumberger Rope Two Row Ring
(platinum with diamonds)
T T1 ring
(white gold with diamonds)
T Pavé Diamond Hinged Bracelet
(18k White Gold, Large)

COLE SPROUSE: The beauty of this interview is
I am to you in pri-
Value-added space.so i want to play
By utilizing the idea of ​​public and private space
your public image and my understanding
You are a personal couple.what about you
[want] Let’s start with how you know?

BARBARA PALVIN: You take it baby!

Dylan Sprouse: Barbara and I know each other now
about five years ago –

BP: We met five years ago.you know
What? (laughs) I’ll take it.we have been dating
Five years, officially, but we’ve actually met
Like an event eight months ago.That is
Just a brief interaction and then I screwed him up
six months till i start over

DS: That’s the long and short of it.but
I think what really brought us together
is when we grill each other
We met for the first time.that’s what’s left
lasting impression.

BP: You have no chance. (laugh)

DS: I don’t have a chance.I’m roasted

DS: It’s been six years since we parted ways
months and then she hit me six months later
While I was shooting this movie. she’s like,
“Hey, I’m in New York, would you like to hang
go out? ’ I was like, ‘Look, you picked the worst
possible time, barbara, because i’m going
Stay in China for six months. ” she told me in
returns, “No, actually, I don’t think it’s the worst
time because i’m going to campaign
It will come out in about two months. “

BP: An important message is
My job actually canceled the shoot, but he still
Ask me to go out.

DS: I said, “Hey, why don’t we jump out
Romantic limbs, do as we plan-
What to do anyway?I’ll fly you out, we can
Hang out in Beijing. ’ and she’s like, ‘I’d love
That, but I’ll buy the tickets myself. ” I thought
very cool.

BP: I don’t want to owe you anything! (laugh)

CS: I will never forget that Dylan sent me a photo
you two [together]. Dylan has a cowboy hat
exist. In the back of my mind, I’m thinking, damn it,
if she can fall in love with dylan in this weird situation
Cowboy hat stuff, then they are solid.

BP: I’m not a fan. Let me put it here.

Barbara wears a SIMONE ROCHA dress.
Veil New York Vintage
All Jewelry TIFFANY & CO.
Edge Drop Earrings
(platinum and yellow gold with diamonds)
From left to right:
Schlumberger sixteen stone ring
(with diamonds)
T true wide ring
(18k yellow gold)
edge bypass ring
(platinum and yellow gold with diamonds, wide)
From left to right:
Schlumberger sixteen stone ring
(with diamonds)
T true wide ring
(18k Yellow Gold, 5.5mm wide)
edge bypass ring
(platinum and yellow gold with diamonds, wide)

Dylan wears all clothing LOUIS VUITTON

CS: Do you remember what you are
The first combination?

BP: I can tell you the moment I fell in love.
we started talking about naruto and he
Made a parody.

DS: Oh, yes.I impersonated Akamaru, he
Do this spin attack.

BP: He was like, “Akamaru!” and jumped up
Then turn around in the air and land on the bed
I shot it in slow motion. This is my favorite video.

DS: It’s also hot.i’m naked
So it’s really cool to see.

BP: No, he’s not.

CS: You guys see that roast-
use your sense of humor as part of it
The love language the two of you have built

DS: Yes, I know.humor is always there
It’s important to us.Apparently there was a time
and BBQ place…

BP: We have to learn…

DS: We have to learn, yes.how we feel
The humor is consistent, we don’t take our-
I am very serious about myself, which I think is good.

CS: One of the things that is really interesting
my relationship with you is a very
its public components.

DS: One generation had a lot of needs-
Full transparency to the public.which is funny
For me, because no relationship is completely transparent —
Enter.This article, in particular, is about time
Post our engagement announcement,
correct?But we’re engaged now, how many
months ago?

BP: We got engaged in September.

DS: Holy cow. Yes.we don’t necessarily
feel the need to be completely transparent
Be open about that aspect of our involvement.
we would like to share with stephen and
Team V is doing something kind
half joking about the private nature
versus the public.we’re toying with the idea

BP: Also, we just want to meet the deadline.
when someone leaks information
We got engaged and our PR team was like,
“Hey, so you guys should post a
about it or talk to this magazine or talk to that magazine
Magazine…” This really annoys me because
I know we’re building this story.So I
Glad we ended up doing it our way.

CS: With social media, we’ve all become
Very used to going all out–
ward.how does it feel direct
opposed to long-term relationships,
This takes work and excess in many ways
Future obstacles?

DS: I mean, it’s a tough question, right?
Especially, Cole, for you and me, because we never really had rules for growing up
Learn about good, healthy long-term relationships
Position.Barbara, on the other hand, your
How long have the parents been married?

All Clothing FENDI
All Jewelry TIFFANY & CO.
Barbara wears:
lock bracelet
(gold with pavé diamonds)
Victoria Vine Drop Earrings
(gold with diamonds)
Victorian Graduation Line Necklace
(platinum with diamonds)
victorian ring
(platinum with diamonds)

Dylan wears:
T true wide ring
(18k Yellow Gold, 5.5mm wide)
Inlaid Narrow Band Ring
(platinum with diamonds)
lock bracelet
(gold and platinum)

BP: Very long.They met when they were 16
Six years later married and they are still
Together. So, I understand relationships better,
you should always listen to me
Because I’m always right.

DS: Yes, you are always right. (laughs) I think
One thing I noticed about you-
ents is that they are still learning from each other
They are making mistakes, but from
those mistakes.

BP: I know it’s a cliché, but a relationship is
Work.no relationship just
would be perfect.you must be vulnerable
With your partner, you must be honest,
sometimes your opinion won’t
aligned, but that’s okay. The point is to always want to work together and not really try to win a battle. Because if one wins, you all lose.

CS: I’ve always been fascinated
Hungarian concept of marriage and
American concept of marriage. I won-
Know the way you feel or see
those differences.

BP: I thought we would have many cultures
difference, but it’s just that we have more
Traditions surrounding weddings.i think they are
Really interesting, but, I don’t see a difference –
Enns.I mean, marriage is just a partnership, you
Know? The same in the United States, and the same in Hungary.

CS: What about the tradition of kidnapping?
The bride on her wedding night?

BP: Well, yeah, there’s an interesting little part
where the best man kidnaps the bride
Bridesmaids put Dylan to the test to see if
He really deserves me.he must challenge
Get me back then he has to find me.

DS: Great. Still have challenges…?

BP: They’re usually silly.like to drink from outside
your shoes, your dance, your beatbox – whatever it is
Girls feel that you need to prove your love.

CS: I like that.let’s talk
Views on Marriage and Your Feelings
About the next step—excitement, nervousness—
vousness, its public quality.

DS: I think the definition of marriage is very
Meaning differently than our generation
for the previous one.At least for me, marriage
It’s a promise of endless love for you,
and become your partner. I’m very nervous about this. Frankly, it’s about the first dance. I get nervous about choreographed dances.

CS: Why? Is it because you can’t dance?
Absolutely not?

DS: I’m not a good dancer.I am very nervous
About remembering steps.

CS: Yes, I know you have to be in
a little.

DS: Backflips are a bit more ambitious…

BP: But your split is fine now.

CS: You’ve become very flexible over the years…

DS: I’ve been doing stretching and ballet…

CS: What about you, Babs?

BP: I’m really not nervous
Married.I think getting engaged is stressing me out
Not just weddings.I mean, a man has
Time to Propose – Dylan Keeps
I quit for seven months before asking
problem – but for me, that’s correct, and
There.i know since we started dating
I want to marry him, but it’s a big decision.

CS: I know the wedding was in Hungary,
It’s very exciting for everyone.but what
About it in Hungary really appeals to both

BP: I’m excited to show that side of me
Introducing my culture, where I grew up, and
places i’ve been.i think many people
Will get to know more about me this way.I know
we can’t do without
wedding in hungary because my parents
would kill me.

CS: Yes, I’m glad to meet your parents.

DS: I know.It will be a big event, with
Our parents met for the first time,
also.I think it’s exciting for me not only because
i like that historical tradition
event, but because, Cole, we come from a very
small family unit. Barbara, on the other hand, has a rather large family unit.They treat her like their princess and I think it will be a very special
See the moment they all react to it
their traditions.i’m excited for that aspect of it
I’m so glad you guys got to see Bar-
Bala took me on a tour of Hungary, a
beautiful country.

BP: In the end, you will all learn
Look at me like a princess.

DS: Exactly.

CS: Yeah, not a big chance.i’m really excited
Eat boiled eggs.

BP: Hey!i can revoke your invitation
wedding.Remember, I am the bride and
The bride is always right.

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PhotographyRob Rusling

Vogue Gro Curtis

Makeup Frank B (Home Agency)

Owen Gould (The Wall Group)

Nail Jazz Style (SEE Management)

Set Design Way Out Studio (11th House agency)

Executive Producer Johnny Pascucci (Photobomb)

Program Manager David Newman

Production Coordinator Nick Lambrakis

Digital Technician Nick Lambrakis

Camera Assistants Justin Mulroy, John Ruiz, Cesar Rebollar

Styling Assistants Emma Oleck, Marissa Lee

Makeup Assistant Natsuka Hirabayashi

Production Assistant Armando Guerrero

Wedding Cake Vincenzo Salvador Cake

VenueSmashbox Studios BK

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