Sports world pans latest ‘Baby Gronk’ interview: ‘This makes me uncomfortable’

Madden San Miguel, better known on social media as “Baby Gronk,” gained more media attention last week after his father appeared in a story in The Athletic.

When the pair appeared on the “Bring the Juice” podcast, there were mixed reviews about Jake San Miguel’s efforts to build his 10-year-old son’s social media presence. In a video that went viral on Twitter, San Miguel had his son answer questions from the moderator.

One of the hosts asked the fourth-grade social media star, “Are you him?” Madden politely replied, “Yes.” After he answered, his dad chimed in and gave him what he thought was better. s answer.


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“Ask again, bro, and say, ‘Man, what’s the problem? You’ve seen my Instagram,'” Jake San Miguel said, repeating his son.

“Baby Gronk” was then asked about taking LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne to prom, and his father gave his son another answer. The whole interview seemed like a lot of fun, with everyone laughing and laughing, but it didn’t resonate on social media.

Jake San Miguel helped his son gain over 300,000 followers on social media. The boy’s Instagram is full of photos of himself in several different uniforms, as well as with Aaron Judge, Mark Wahlberg and Dunne. San Miguel told the publication that he does all the marketing for his son and does his best to balance reality with the internet.

“Before my son was born, I had a plan for him,” he told The Athletic. “It’s happening now.”

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San Miguel added that his son is “the real deal” and he “puts in a lot of work.”

“It’s not just about the content,” he told The Athletic. “We train five or six days a week. He diets, he eats clean food, salmon and brown rice. He has a routine. He’s a real athlete. He’s not a normal kid. Normal kids are emotional. They put their heads down when they make a mistake, they talk back to the coach, they make noise, but he doesn’t do that. He’s been training and programming since he was 6 years old.”

San Miguel told The Athletic that his son makes about $100,000 a year and saves it so he can have a future even if he doesn’t turn pro.

“I don’t think my son is God or better than all the other kids. His goal is to go to the NFL. But the NFL is rare. It’s hard to do. So my goal is to build a platform for him and he’s making money right now and put it into a savings account for followers,” he said.

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“Keep accumulating, being part of the company, this and that. By the time he was in high school, he was a millionaire and above, and he was well taken care of. That way he could live a good life without struggles or worries. It’s the insurance behind the sport. You don’t have to be a pro anymore. Just like Livvy Dunne, she’s had a lifetime because of the internet.”

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