Should Seahawks consider blockbuster trade for Aaron Donald?


Will the Seattle Seahawks’ next big move be against the NFC West?

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Brock Ward and Mike Salk discuss the possibility of a blockbuster trade with the Los Angeles Rams for three-time Defensive Player of the Year on Thursday’s Seattle Sports’ Brock and Salk show aaron donalda star defensive tackle who is sure to be an impact addition for the Seahawks.

“You’d take a farm trade — at least a few draft picks at a minimum — for an aging (32-year-old) Aaron Donald who knew he wasn’t going to be around for long, and he did have some injury issues at this stage of his life. Career, but he’s the best defensive lineman out there, I don’t know, that could be the difference between two wins? I mean, he’s a huge game changer. You’d trade the farm for Aaron Donald right now right?” Salk said. “You say no.”

“You’re at a time and a place where Geno (Smith) has risen in terms of leadership, these young bucks, you have them at this impressionable age[with]this rookie class paired with last year’s sophomores I think You’re in the absolute best position. I want those guys,” Huard responded. “…I don’t like what the Rams are doing. I don’t like that.”

What Huard means is that the Rams mortgaged years of high-end draft picks to build their roster, which culminated in a Super Bowl title in 2021, but had some major ramifications for the team’s draft and cap situation.

In addition to potentially costing the Seahawks a lot in terms of draft picks, Donald also carries a high cap for the remainder of his contract, which ends after 2024 but ends with two void years, According to OverTheCap.

“Can you get some cash? Can you eat their hats?” Ward said. “…you might have to cut Jamal (Adams). You have to eat (Adams’s) dead cap. And you might have to make room (even more to have) enough cap space. So, this Another all-in.”

Salk said he was going over the idea and liked the idea of ​​Donald joining the Seahawks’ defense.

“At that point, he could definitely go downhill, or have a bunch of pass rushers and defensive lineman types who have had a lot of success in the early to mid-30s, Brock, where you go,’ God, I think I see it,'” he said. “When I first heard it, my first reaction was flat, no. I sort of bought into the idea… where else do you find yourself a defensive lineman? I mean look, At the end of the day, the Seahawks have a huge need at the position. He’s not the (traditional) forward they need, but God, if it’s Aaron Donald, don’t you have a way to make it work?”

The problem, Salk said, is that a move like this depends on whether you feel like the Seahawks are one impact player away from winning the Super Bowl.

“The real question you have to ask is are you an away player? That’s it,” he said. “You have to ask, are you going to have only one player for the Super Bowl? I think, as much as I love the idea and why I can go back and forth about it and say there’s a real conversation here, I think the Seahawks are far from Aaron Donald in the Super Bowl? That’s hard for me.”

Huard noted that the Seahawks typically rank outside the top 10 in most offseason power rankings.

“Is Aaron Donald good enough to get you into the top five? Will Aaron Donald’s sudden opposition to San Francisco and Philadelphia make you legit?” he asked. Just scored your offensive line? Yes, it will be 30 of 32. “

Salk added, “It’s hard for me to say that Aaron Donald is going to be the guy who gets you over the top and puts you on a Super Bowl winning team. So I think you’re right. The answer may be no, but I can make myself Excited about it. I could see a moment where I was like, ‘Yeah, okay. I can sell this.'”

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