Sarah Ball Is WSJ. Magazine’s New EIC


This week’s top Daily Media hires, departures, promotions and new reps.

1. Sarah Ball is now the editor-in-chief of at Wall Street Journal. Magazine.

2. Kate Moss is now the creative director of Diet Coke.

3. Michelle Ochs is now the creative director of Hervé Léger.

4. Neda Whitney is now Chief Marketing Officer of Ring Concierge.

5. Melissa Mullen is now Sweaty Betty’s Global Brand President.

6. Ariel Sandler is now Lids’ Director of Brands and Partnerships.

7. Jessica Wu is now Rosetta Getty’s Director of Communications and Marketing.

8. Maximillian Barrett is now Gucci’s public relations manager.

9. Hailey Kodora is now Bollare’s Editorial Account Executive.

10. Ahmad Edilio Hamid is now an Account Executive at Quinn PR.

11. Alexander Woods is now the Junior Manager of Impact at SHADOW.


12. EWG Talent now represents Tessa Brooks.

13. IHPR now represents Manolo Blahnik and Pamela Love.

14. The ICA now represents Ettika and Henne.

15. L52 now stands for Puppets and Puppets.

16. JONESWORKS now stands for BaubleBar.

17. Bella PR now represents Novex.

18. MP-IMC now stands for caliray.

19. Amanda Smeal Consulting and Aimee Moss now represent Kulfi Beauty.

20. Austin Smedstad now consults for weight loss brand Found.

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