Roanoke College Magazine preview: Roanoke’s next chapter


In the latest issue of the Roanoke College Journal, arriving in mailboxes, we get a glimpse into the future of our beloved institution. Readers will learn about new initiatives aimed at increasing student success, strengthening the College’s foundation, and connecting with partners in the local community and beyond.

In the cover story, “Big Dreams in Motion,” you’ll learn about the current environment at small colleges and how this is expected to impact Roanoke. You’ll also learn about some new community partnerships, including Direct to Tech, the Bridges Program, and programs to expand access for students transferring from community colleges. Additionally, we shared news about the new academic structure and rebranding, including a new school logo. Finally, we provide an update on plans for a new science center in Roanoke.

In addition to the cover story, we’re also celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Roanoke Center for Civic Engagement, which has given students the opportunity to learn about the beauty of community engagement. Many students who fell in love with service at Roanoke Academy have incorporated it into their professional or personal lives, and we’ll introduce you to some of them.

Other content in this issue includes:

  • Farewell to longtime athletic director Scott Allison, vice chancellor for admissions Brenda Bogendorf, and beloved faculty and staff Jeff and Marianne Sandberg, Jane Long, Elizabeth Coase Tess Hale, Cynthia Edmonds and Charlene Kalinowski;
  • Roanoke’s new academic program: Disability Studies and Screen Studies;
  • Inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame in 2023;
  • Recipient of the Roanoke College Medal and Emerging Alumni Award;
  • A new alumni program inviting friends of the College to become Maroons by Choice; and
  • dossier mystery

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As always, alumni, we remind you that this is your magazine, so we would love to hear your thoughts on its content. We want to recognize and share your many accomplishments too, so please email with story ideas or personal news for the class notes section.


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