Prince Harry is the ‘royal equivalent of the anchovy’


Prince Harry has just been compared to an anchovy given his attempts to continue to provoke a “strong reaction”.

Royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser made the allegations against Prince Harry.

according to a report australian news network She was quoted as saying, “For the past five years, from those sunny months after his marriage to Meghan Markle, when the adjective ‘fairytale’ was clichéd by the world media, when it comes to Sousse The public reaction ranged from elation to dismay, surprise to anger, and just plain dismay at the time.

So much so that now Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, has been dubbed “someone who continues to resonate as strongly as anchovies do to their royal status”.

So now it seems that even King Charles is starting to see the implications.

According to the outlet, even an inside source expressed similar sentiments, saying: “Every time I see Harry, the king brings him up. I don’t think we’ve gotten over the sadness and confusion, but we’re very happy with his love.” There’s more frustration with the behavior because it just keeps going.”


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