Payment keeps MLB’s Rangers on Bally Sports; what does it mean for Twins?

Thursday brought news of the status quo in the ongoing matchup between Diamond Sports (the parent company that owns the Bally Sports regional network) and Major League Baseball.

Diamond Sports reportedly paid the Texas Rangers in full on Thursdaya notable development that could hint at what will happen to the twins in a matter of weeks.

The Rangers are one of four teams awaiting payment from Diamond — along with the Twins, Guardians and Diamondbacks — who filed for bankruptcy in March and paid only the 75 percent it owed to those teams. % of initial payment to show for this game year. Two weeks ago, a judge ruled that Diamond Sports must pay the teams in full or relinquish their rights to Major League Baseball.

Texas is the first of those four teams to pay another payment, and it’s thought that how Diamond handles it could provide clues as to how it will handle other payment is Thanks to the Twins, Rattlesnakes, and Guardians on July 1.

While no two deals are the same, it’s worth noting that Diamond made the first payment and the next full payment under a contract believed to pay the Rangers $111 million in 2023. Money — roughly double that of the twins at $54.8 million.

However, the contract with the Rangers still has a few seasons left, and the Twins’ contract with Diamond expires at the end of this season.

Diamond Sports stopped paying the Padres in late May, and MLB took over broadcasting and distribution of those games through traditional and direct-to-consumer platforms.

Whether that happens to the Twins or other teams whose payments are due on July 1 remains to be seen.

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