Out of touch? Brooklyn Beckham criticized for lavish cooking video


Brooklyn Beckham faces criticism again for using expensive fried chicken
Brooklyn Beckham faces criticism again for using expensive fried chicken

Brooklyn Beckham once again sparked criticism from his followers on Wednesday when he shared another cooking video on his Instagram account that many deemed “out of touch”.

In the video, the 24-year-old aspiring chef promotes a partnership with Chosen Foods for avocado oil, which costs between $15 and $20.

Brooklyn captioned the video: “@chosenfoods fried chicken. 100% pure avocado oil and their classic avocado oil mayonnaise is the best. I love Chosen Foods fried food because of its high smoke point and  Taste neutral. #chosenpartner.”

In the video, Brooklyn can be seen coating the chicken with a creamy mixture, then rolling it in a flour and spice mixture and frying it in hot oil.

Although the oil is touted for its “high smoke point and neutral flavor,” his followers point out that he uses “a lot” of expensive products in his recipes.

Critics argued that Brooklyn could have opted for a more economical recipe to promote the product, rather than just using the “whole bottle” on two pieces of chicken.

One reviewer said: “why on earth would you use $15/$20 a bottle of oil for deep frying? I know it’s a paid promotion, but more logical like making mayonnaise from scratch with it instead of putting that much Pour it into the pan and fry the chicken!”

Another joked: “Hi Brooklyn that looks great, is it ok for my grandpa to have clogged arteries? Thanks.”

Brooklyn has previously been criticized for its use of lavish ingredients like truffles and $60 steaks.


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