Missouri Conservation personnel trying to clean up magazine rolls


Missouri Conservationist magazine June 2023 cover (June 2023 photo courtesy of Stephanie Thurber, Missouri Conservation Department Magazine Manager)

this Missouri Department of Environmental Conservation Efforts are underway to develop a system to require subscribers to the Missouri Conservationist magazine to renew.

Stephanie Thurber, magazine manager for the Missouri Department of Environmental Conservation, was responding to a Randolph County rural mail carrier who said some of the magazines mailed to residents there were for those who moved or died before 2008. The postman contacted 939 the Eagle with news that he was concerned that three or four magazines were mailed in late May to residents who had been dead for two or three years.

Ms. Thurber told 939 the Eagle it’s been a slow process, adding that the department recognizes the frustration of mail carriers across the state, who share similar concerns.

She said Conservation runs a USPS report called OneCode ACS that allows their mailing list to be automatically updated to change or cancel the addresses of people who have submitted a change of address or deceased to the Postal Service. Thurber emphasized that this will only catch those who have already notified or had someone notify on their behalf, and in the case of a deceased resident, USPS changes.

The Missouri Conservationist magazine is free to Missouri residents and currently has approximately 500,000 active monthly subscribers in the mail. Mailing costs are approximately $75,000 per month.


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