Meantime magazine explores the seven deadly sins in rebellious form


The fourth installment, however, playsfully engages with its theme by using more than just its physical form. “Let the Sin in” reads on the magazine’s spine, alluding to the process by which readers consume content revolving around crime and mischief. But it’s also a play on the idiom “let that sink in,” which, when written “Let that sin(k) in,” signifies that the magazine, on the surface, appears to be sinking. Finally, to add another smart layer, the letters “SIN” are also the country code for Singapore. Interestingly, this was also once the most common way to shorten the country’s name, but following public upheaval over the negative connotations attached to the word, it was officially changed to “SGP”.

And that’s the conceptual heart of the latest issue: People in and around Singapore refusing to acknowledge the negative influence of the state and the city. Pang said the concept dictated the direction of the content, which consists of seven stories, each related to one of the seven deadly sins (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, anger, envy, and pride), by revealing these misbehaviors The existence of everyday events and traditions. “Singapore has a reputation as a ‘good’ place – it’s safe, orderly, clean and efficient,” Pang explained. “So we thought it would be interesting if we offered a counter-narrative and looked at it through a ‘bad’ lens.”


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