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Magazine Profile General Manager of Cougar Oil

Posted Wed Jun 14, 2023 6:43 AM

Travis Gupton

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One of Selma’s most active businesses in education was recognized in a recent issue of Alabama Petroleum & Convenience Marketers (P&CMA) magazine.

Rex Jones is the general manager of Cougar Oil on the corner of Broad St. and Highland Ave. in Selma. With his character, he gives back to the city in many different ways. He’s always giving out scholarships, he’s donating money to help others, and he’s constantly thinking about the betterment of the city instead of himself. The story in P&CMA Magazine tells the story of Jones growing up in Selma. He attended Morgan College and now, as an adult, he hopes to give back to the city that gave him so much. Jones has been instrumental in the lives of young people at Selma City Schools, receiving not only scholarships but opportunities. Jones has a partnership with Wallace Community College-Selma to provide 10 full scholarships to Students who want to work towards earning a CDL. According to him, the connection between Jones and Selma was helpful because it allowed Jones to go to places like Selma High to recruit students so they could get one of the scholarships.

“The only thing I would add is that the Selma High School connection was also valuable,” Jones said. “I’m excited to recruit their students to the CDL program.”

Jones is reportedly vice-chairman of the P&CMA and will become chairman in 2024. After the article, he said in a Facebook post that he has renewed motivation and drive to keep doing what he does.

“I thank Bart Fletcher and P&CMA for not only telling this story, but helping me It’s possible,” Jones said. “I’m very excited and energized by the possibilities we have as an organization. It’s also been great to work with Brian Young from Young Oil this year as Chairman. I have nothing but respect for Brian and everything he’s done. We have big plans for our team, though, and this is just the beginning. ”

Jones also said he was honored that the story turned out this way and highlighted the work Selma was doing.

“I thank the P&CMA for highlighting the work we’re doing in Selma,” Jones said. “I’m also grateful for their partnership with me on scholarship.”


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