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You must be joking! Anyone who knows chow mein sandwiches knows they originated in Fall River, and the best ones are there. Rhode Island? What a joke! cancel my subscription.

Jenny Medeiros


Rubi’s Coffee & Sandwiches Cafe in Great Barrington serves the best grilled cheese sandwiches on the planet. They are made with premium Comte cheese and Pullman bread from France. They’re buttered on the outside and finished with a sprinkle of sea salt. Heaven! I’m posting this to make up for the regrettable East New England bias of this excellent work. I know most Bostonians think that Western Massachusetts starts somewhere near Framingham, but it doesn’t. Springfield is an hour east of Great Barrington, but we’re still in Massachusetts! Come and visit!

Jerry Kovalli

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Back in time

Janelle Nanos’ article about her visit to the Aleutians really caught my attention (“Journey Back to the Aleutians,” April 30). Like her grandfather, my father was stationed on the island. I have a few old photos and letters he wrote to his family from 1942-1945 while he was in the military. And, like Nanos, I hope one day I can travel to these islands and try to retrace his time.

Sybil Phillips

marble head

Amchitka where my father was stationed. We have photos of him on the island and photos of his stops along the way. Here are some things I learned: The Aleutian Campaign is often referred to as another Pacific campaign, but is less well known. Writer Dashiell Hammett was stationed in Adak and edited an army newspaper called The Adakian. Gore Vidal’s novel Williwaw is based on his wartime experiences on the islands. It has a good description of the weather there.

Brian Clemens


Combined relationship?

Contrary to Nazli Kibria’s view, no one has to — and shouldn’t — stay in toxic family ties (“Let our brothers and sisters bridge the political divide,” April 30). She said, “Siblings teach us that repair and renewal are possible when we understand that the relationship will last no matter what the problems are.” There are many exceptions to this statement; when a sibling is permanently severed, any No one should feel guilty or a failure.

Loretta Lasentra


Liberals believe in concrete policy goals and methods. Conservatives believe in concrete policy goals and approaches. You can agree or disagree with a policy goal, or the best way to achieve it. You can debate the relative merits of policy positions. You can start a civil discussion about the following questions: Will low corporate taxes stimulate economic growth, or will they drain municipal resources? Can standardized tests accurately assess the potential of individual students? Will the pitching clock destroy baseball’s eternity, or give it more attention?

just curious guess

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married diss

My wife and I laughed at Melissa Giberson’s Connections, “Are You Sisters?” (April 30), and our similar experiences. We started dating in December 1996 and were asked for the first time if we were sisters a few months later while traveling. Back then, it seemed safer to say yes when traveling. Since then, we’ve been asked countless times—with or without our children or grandchildren. I think people recognize a loving relationship that they may not be able to put into words. Now, we proudly say, “Not sisters, we’re married” – most of the time. Sadly, sometimes it still feels safer to say sisters.

Lenore Lyons and Diane Thayer


My life partner of 30 years, wife of 18 years, and I went through what Gibson and her partner did. On one international flight, the flight attendant refused to believe us. Other times, it’s clerks and waiters. We both wear glasses, have silver hair, are about the same height, and are good sisters! It’s annoying that people have to go through this series of questions, and being a life partner and wife is not an acceptable first question.

Diana Duggan Richards


Hopefully, over time, the daunting task of correcting people’s assumptions will at least lead to behavioral change. As a gay man married to a man, I have these stories too. But I want to offer another story that gives me hope. Last year, my husband and I walked into a jewelry store. I’m looking for a new wedding ring. When I asked to try on a ring from the “women’s” box, the clerk didn’t hesitate. She pulls out the ring and offers, “These boxes are labeled Ladies and Gents, but that’s arbitrary. You’re welcome to try on whatever you like.” That’s the kind of behavior we should expect from people with grace and humility one example.

tom chase


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