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Carrollton fentanyl dealer pleads guilty. Jason Xavier Villanueva, 22, faced 40 years in prison Carrollton-Farmers ISD student overdosed by dispensing fentanyl.

IKEA came to Nanhu. Our store will opening later this year, but it won’t be one of those massive operations. This will be a 10,000 square foot plan and pick up store. It’s like they opened a Buc-ee’s, but only with beef jerky and bathrooms.

Start cheering on Errol Spence Jr. Fight. Welterweight “Legacy Fight” will be held on July 29 in Las Vegas. If you don’t learn boxing, it’s a big deal. He faced rival Terrence Crawford for the first time yesterday at a press conference in Los Angeles.Know Spence’s nickname is Big Fish when I share this quote From Crawford: “I’m going to gut him and feed him to all the fish eaters in here.” That’s it.

Eric Johnson screwed up the inauguration. The mayor of Dallas is rescinding a longstanding tradition of allowing City Council members to bring a family member to the stage for Tuesday’s inauguration. A Network Management Network editorial Explains why the move was so stupid and why some council members were outraged. One wonders why the mayor would do this. It wasn’t for the logistical reasons he claimed.what is real reason?


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