Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck fighting over money amid ‘rocky and superficial’ marriage


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck fight over money in 'rocky and shallow' marriage
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck fight over money in ‘rocky and shallow’ marriage

Trouble in Paradise Jennifer Lopez has shown her true colors to her husband Ben Affleck when it comes to money matters.

according to more recent magazines, this Mother Stars ‘call the shots’ in their marriages to remind Air The director said “she is the boss”.

The pair have been clashing over money since they bought the $49 million mansion in Los Angeles, despite putting on an endearing look every time they appear in public.

Speaking of their new property, an insider close to the pair said Lopez had “paid most of the bill for their new pad.”

“Jen paid most, if not all, and said it was a small price to pay for their future happiness,” the source said, before adding, “If it means she can get out of owning all the expensive cars , hired help, personal trainers, beauty treatments, chefs and day-to-day expenses on luxury yachts, then she can accept that money.”

“Especially when she started calling the shots and reminding Ben that she’s the boss,” the insider shared.

Another source said expenses had been one of the couple’s “big concerns” since they started managing their biracial child.

“Ben has been complaining for a while that he can’t keep up with Jen’s expenses, and he shouldn’t—it’s one of their big problems,” the insider said.

“He always loved pampering himself, but she took it to a whole new level. It’s ironic that she did such a big thing by getting married at a low-key event.

“The reality is, almost immediately, she launched the mega yacht, bought the fleet and stuck to this first-class couple lifestyle, and Ben didn’t have any say in the matter.

“It’s sad that their friend thinks she needs to pay to buy his affection back and it says so much about how hard and superficial things are between them right now?”


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