High Five: When Advertising Becomes Entertainment

I’m always on the lookout for new work inspiration, but today I want to talk about the ones that will never leave our memories. I love when commercials turn into entertainment. It’s able to make us laugh, move us, help causes, talk technology – we’re able to take references to pop culture and turn them into creativity…

Art Institute of Chicago – “Van Gogh’s Bedroom: Let Yourself In”

Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago

It’s not just a good idea, it’s a masterpiece. An idea that became an advertisement in popular culture, and our wishes and feelings. Everyone who loves art wants to sleep in Van Gogh’s bedroom for a night. I love the storytelling and craft of this production. I’m a big Van Gogh fan, but I like the idea even more.

Burger King – “Moldy Whopper”

Agency: INGO x DAVID Miami x Publicis Bucharest
Production: Colonial
Director: Marcus Alm

Position: London MPC

For years, the fast food industry has struggled to sell the perfect sandwich through appetite appeal and food porn, and what I love most about this idea is subverting it. It shows the beauty of imperfection, the beauty of nature. A powerful idea, incredible execution, and the courage to inspire us by showing us your moldy sandwich.

Cheetos – ‘Cheetos Museum’

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Fun, creative and effective. The Cheeto Museum is a lesson in how to come up with ideas and put the consumer at the heart of everything. An idea that inspires and inspires people to be creative, and the best part is that it still sells a lot of treats.

Diesel x Deisel – ‘Go with the Fake’

Agency: Publicis Italia
Production and post-production: Rival School Pictures
Director: Andrew Lane
Editorial: Cosmos
Sound: Dual tone audio

This thought comes to mind every time they talk about brand grit. Imagine selling your own counterfeit products and seeing people recognize your brand. “Go with the Fake” is a great idea to build on the brand concept of “Go with the Flaw”.

UNICEF – “A Fairy Tale: Malak and the Ship”

Agency: 180LA

The true and touching story of a refugee girl from Syria. An impeccable craftsmanship, a noble, influential and necessary cause. “Malak and the Boat” is on my list of jobs I wish I had done.

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