Fortune Magazine named David Weekley Homes, HPE, Hilcorp, and Camden to 2023 list


Houstonians looking for their next job opportunity might consider these 22 Houston-based companies that were just rated Best Workplaces in Texas go through wealth Magazine and great place to work.

David Weekley Homes was named the No. 1 employer in Texas, and workers celebrated their company “goes above and beyond in nearly every way possible” and that trust matters more than anything else.

“They trust you can get work done and that you will never feel guilty about having to leave early for medical appointments or to pick up your kids from school,” the report said. “They trust you can get work done while maintaining a normal personal life.”

The report also speaks highly of the construction company’s 401K matching plan, which allows workers to become owners after two years with the company.

The remaining Houston companies occupy the top three spots for the best large employers in Texas, including information technology provider Hewlett Packard Enterprise (No. 2) and real estate investor Camden Property Trust (No. 3).

Also in the top 10 is Hilcorp Energy Company (No. 8).

Speaking to Camden Property Trust, employees included in the report said their leaders had developed a “unique” workplace culture that resembled an extended family.

“Our celebrations, meetings, meetings felt like a family reunion,” the report said. “Our leaders truly care about everyone and make decisions with everyone’s best interests in mind.”

The Best Places to Work in Texas, which features some of the same companies as the 2022 list, is the only award of its kind in the U.S. that “chooses winners based on how fairly their employees are treated,” a release said. These companies are judged on how well they treat their workers on a number of factors, including race, gender, age, disability status, and more.

Other Houston-based companies entered wealth The 2023 Best Large Workplaces in Texas include Transwestern (No. 12), Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc. (No. 14) and KBR (No. 24).

Additionally, 17 Houston employers were selected wealth Ranking of the Best Small and Mid-Sized Workplaces in Texas. While Dallas-based companies took the top three spots, Houston-based continuing education and learning center Continued came in fourth.

“[Continued] supply[s] So many benefits can improve our families and work-life balance,” the report said. “There is also an emphasis on appreciating diversity and inclusion. wealth The 2023 Best Small and Midsize Workplaces in Texas report is as follows:

  • No. 12 – Hilltop Residence
  • No. 13 – WizeHire
  • No. 14 – Republic National Mortgage Company
  • No. 16 – EAG Business Holdings, Incorporated
  • No. 23 – Venterra Realty
  • No. 26 – Best Consulting Services
  • No. 39 – The Ninth Wonder
  • No. 40 – Intelligence
  • No. 52 – Detechtion Technologies
  • No. 53 – Tricon Energy
  • No. 57 – Eagle Point Solutions
  • No. 64 – Hatch Agency Real Estate
  • No. 66 – Simucase
  • No. 69 – Crestwood Equity Partners

Cypress Professional Assessment and Consulting, based outside Houston, was ranked No. 31 in the Small and Midsize Workplaces report, and TK Trailer Parts of Madisonville was ranked No. 65.​​​​A complete list of the 2023 Best Workplaces in Texas is available at


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