Five Covers to Celebrate Fifth Title


summer edition University of Connecticut Magazine Media buzz and a special way to celebrate the school’s recent NCAA Boys Basketball Tournament.

This issue features five different covers, each honoring the Huskies in a unique way.this University of Connecticut Journal The team affiliated with University Communications chose to produce five covers to reflect the number of NCAA titles the Husky men have won in their history.

“We really wanted to seize the moment with this issue and do something interesting,” says Lisa Stiepock, the journal’s editor. “Sixteen men’s and women’s titles since 1995 – it deserves something a little extra, starting with a winning cover. We worked with the staff at University Communications and ended up with five concepts that we really like.”

“They were all so good, it was hard for us to choose just one,” said Associate Editor Julie Bartucca ’10 (BUS, CLAS), ’19 MBA.

“So we decided to do a little University of Connecticut Journal history and print all five covers to celebrate the fifth win. “

With a total print circulation of approximately 235,000 copies of the magazine, distribution of each cover will be completely random, rather than sorted by zip code, graduation year or last name, etc.

The five covers are:

  • A pair of illustrations, created by freelance illustrators Shaw Nielsen and Wenjia Tang, based on an original concept by UConn designer John Bailey, and a third photo illustration by University of Connecticut Journal Art director Christa Yung and UConn designer Andrew Janavey, both declared UConn the “Basketball Capital of the World”;
  • Freelance artist Chris Gash’s illustration of a cutout basketball net in the shape of a DNA helix – stating that “it’s in our DNA”; and
  • A photo of UConn photographer Peter Morenus wearing one of UConn’s five NCAA championship rings. The fifth ring is a stand-in, and the actual 2023 design will be revealed this fall.

this online version The magazine is also available now, and has a special site Husky lovers can purchase prints of the five magazine covers as well as souvenirs such as coffee mugs, notebooks, clothing, stickers and a poster featuring all five magazine covers.

Inside the magazine are eight pages of promotions for the national championship, “pointing out our status as the basketball capital of the world,” Stiebok said. “Don’t just take my word for it, read what CBS Sports’ Jim Nantz had to say in our summer issue.”


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