Exploring the Impact of AI in the Entertainment World on the Industry’s Future


Standing alongside the old, alongside artificial intelligence: generative technologies are poised to steal the show and reshape the entertainment industry in ways we’ve never seen before.According to the International Data Corporation, the media industry is witnessing an unprecedented boom in AI investment, with a staggering five-year compound annual growth rate More than 30% rate. Statistics like these and many others circulate online, raising sobering questions about the entertainment industry today. For example, could artificial intelligence be the driver of a major shift in the way entertainment is produced and consumed in the future?whether The rise of artificial intelligence Challenge artists and other creatives in the industry in the entertainment world?

Interestingly, google bard (The search giant’s answer to Microsoft’s popular Bing Chat) Recently Ask about its capabilities. AI chatbots reveal that generative AI thrives on “tasks that require creativity”. Like others, this revelation may not be entirely comforting to artists and creative professionals in the entertainment industry; however, it may hint at how the fusion of artificial intelligence and human innovation will shape the The future of entertainment.

So, what happens as AI takes the entertainment industry into the spotlight? Ashley RussoFounder and President ASR Media Production, recognizing the undeniable impact of artificial intelligence on the entertainment and news industries. However, she believes that relationships are critical to truly realizing a client’s vision.

Ashley Russo’s thoughts:

“Production in entertainment and journalism has been vastly improved through the use of artificial intelligence. However, when it comes to connecting with customers, creating their vision and bringing it to life, I don’t think anything can replace people.”

Article written by: Azam Saghir


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