Entertainment Company Faces Proposed Penalties, Citation After Fatal Workplace Fire and Explosion — Occupational Health & Safety


    Entertainment company faces proposed penalties, citations after deadly workplace fire and explosion

Entertainment company faces proposed penalties, citations after deadly workplace fire and explosion

Following the incident in December 2022, four workers were killed and one was hospitalized for a period of time with “near-fatal injuries”.

OSHA cited an entertainment company after four employees died late last year.

In December 2022, four workers at Magic in the Sky Florida LLC were killed and a fifth worker was trapped at a storage facility in Orlando, Florida in a fire and explosion caused by an ignition, experienced “near-fatal injuries” and was sent to to the hospital, according to a Press ReleasesThe workers, aged between 22 and 27, have been preparing fireworks for a “local show”.

According to the release, OSHA said the Florida-based entertainment company did not:

  • “Ensure proper storage of explosive materials used in commercial fireworks displays.
  • Follow OSHA’s Process Safety Management Standards to prevent or minimize accidental ignition of explosive materials by performing a hazard analysis and developing and implementing written process safety procedures and emergency action plans.
  • Ensure electrical equipment in the work area is designed and classified for use in hazardous locations and cannot be used as a source of ignition.
  • Develop a hazard communication plan and maintain safety data sheets. “

In a press release, OSHA Acting Regional Office Director Audrey Windham in Orlando, Florida said, “The deaths of four young workers and the life-altering injury of a fifth worker exposed a systemic failure in Magic in the Sky that could lead to fires and explosions The company could have prevented it, it just added to the tragedy.”

Magic in the Sky Florida LLC Now Faces Summons for 10 Serious Violations, $109,375 among the proposed penalties.

“Companies using pyrotechnics must ensure strict adherence to safety protocols to protect workers from catastrophic consequences,” Windham continued.


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