CU Buffs coach Deion Sanders at risk of foot amputation


Deion Sanders has been having foot problems as the current head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes may need an amputation.

Sanders has lost two toes on that foot to amputation and still has serious problems with blood flow in his left foot.Follow one of Coach Prime’s many YouTube channels, capturing meeting with his medical teamwhere they discussed the issue.

Vascular surgeon Donald Jacobs warned Sanders that the problems could have a knock-on effect, before telling Colorado State athletic trainer Lauren Askwald that losing a foot was possible. According to the video, Sanders was losing blood pressure and had blood flow in his lower leg.

youtube video

Sanders is about to enter his highly anticipated first season in Boulder. He has joked about his health issues in the past and has been candid about them. But sadly, his problems seem to have gotten worse.

The 55-year-old missed three games at Jackson State in the 2021 season due to complications from previous foot surgery. Based on past Prime reviews, it appears his hasty return cost him his toe and now his entire foot.

Sanders is one of the greatest athletes of all time, eyeing NFL football and MLB diamonds.



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