Craig Carton gives emotional farewell to WFAN


After more than 30 years at the station, many of them at WFAN, Craig Carton announced on Thursday’s Carton and Roberts that he will be leaving the station on June 30.

Craig has been a staple of FAN for many years, from his time on the morning show to the present afternoon, as he begins hosting with Evan in his familiar place in the last few weeks, he offers a message to Evan, his listeners An emotional goodbye to everyone at WFAN.

“Today was a happy day for me and a very sad day,” Craig said. “It’s one of the toughest days I’ve ever had in radio. “I love Evan and it’s not about Evan Roberts or anyone here. It’s very much about me and my personal life. “

With a busy schedule, a “heartbroken” Craig made the difficult decision to focus on the family he worked so hard to rebuild over the years after returning to WFAN, and he took the time to thank the company The people who welcome him back to FAN, allow him to make this difficult decision.

“WFAN is everything to me. WFAN is my family,” Craig said. “I’ve been a radio talk show host for over 30 years and radio is the best thing I’ve ever done. Radio has been like family to me since starting in Buffalo…and finally had the honor of working in 2007 with Boomer landed here together.

“Making the decision not just to leave broadcasting, and especially WFAN, was not an easy decision… A few years ago I regrettably put myself in a bad situation, and three years ago today, I was nothing more than a number. Three years ago today I woke up in a federal prison where I was for a year because of bad decisions I made. When I was that number, I dreamed of one day being able to Restarting my career. It may have seemed silly at the time, but that dream helped me survive prison.”

This dream needs help to become a reality, and Craig is grateful to the “sages” who helped make this dream come true.

“I had a saint in my corner. A gentleman named Chris Oliviero,” Craig said. “Through all the ups and downs of my radio career, he has supported me like a friend and brother. When I was in trouble, he came to see me. He told me if my life went back to normal and figured out why I did Make a bad decision and he’ll be there for me. No guarantee of a job, but he’ll never stop being my friend. I’m the luckiest man in the world to have someone like this be your friend. He’s not only mine Friends, also paved the way for me to return to WFAN.”

After June 30th, Craig will no longer air on WFAN full-time, but he will continue to host his “Hello, My Name Is Craig” show on Saturday mornings to continue helping to raise awareness about gambling Addiction awareness, which is part of the job, is close to him given his story and redemption.

“WFAN means the world to me,” says Craig. “If WFAN doesn’t give me the opportunity to come back and start my career again, no kidding, I’m out of a job…so, it’s not easy to leave WFAN.

“WFAN is my home.”

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