CIF Fall Sports Playoff Division Placements Announced


The CIF South announced its playoff groupings for all sports except football on Thursday.
With the various formats used, teams get an early look at what their playoff games will look like.
Enrollment-based cross country, see Providence stay in Tier 5. The Pioneer Girls are arguably the most likely of any local team to win the division title, thought to have 508 students. Schools with 600 students or less compete in Group 5.
Burbank High School reported an enrollment of 2,508 and will compete in Division 1 competition. Schools with an enrollment of 2,471 are assigned to Tier 1.

Burroughs High, with an enrollment of 2,379, is assigned to Division 2. It applies to schools with an enrollment of 2,021 to 2,470.

Playoff pairings for women’s volleyball, women’s tennis and men’s water polo depend on the past success of the particular program over the past two school years.

Both Burroughs and Burbank are looking to improve on last season.

In women’s volleyball, Burroughs has dropped to Tier 4 after struggling last season. Providence will compete in the Women’s Division 5 and Burbank will compete in the Division 6.
For girls’ tennis, Burbank High School will be in Division 2. The South has 41 teams competing for 29 automatic playoff spots.
Burroughs will be one of 54 schools to compete in the Division 3 competition. Of these, the division has secured 31 playoff spots. Providence, which plays in a very difficult prep league, will be in Division 5 among 65 teams trying to grab one of the 34 automatic playoff spots.
In boys’ water polo, Burbank High School, a CIF South Division 5 finalist two years ago, missed the playoffs last season with a forfeit, but will return to Division 2 as it did last year.
Burroughs High will compete in Level 3 of the water polo competition.



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