Chamblee’s open container district to expand entertainment, social activities


In March, Chamblee City leaders voted to allow outdoor alcohol consumption in the downtown entertainment district.

The new ordinance, which will go into effect in July, is intended to promote social events and pedestrian traffic in downtown Chamblee and expand entertainment options involving alcohol in the downtown entertainment district.

The area stretches from Ingersoll Rand Drive to McGaw Drive.

“This is a great opportunity to increase the visibility of our downtown businesses and events,” Mayor Brian Mock said in a release. “We expect patrons and businesses in the downtown entertainment district to drink responsibly and adhere to our guidelines for the district.”

Customers purchasing alcohol from licensed establishments in the area must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Outdoor consumption is permitted in the downtown entertainment district from 9 am to 10 pm. Anyone 21 years of age or older may hold an alcoholic beverage in a downtown alcoholic glass purchased from a liquor-licensed establishment located in the borough.No outdoor consumption from 10pm to 9am
  • Liquor-licensed venues located in the downtown entertainment district must serve alcoholic beverages in clear plastic cups that can be removed from the venue. The cup should display the business’ name or logo, and a sticker designated by the City authorizing the beverage to be consumed outdoors in a downtown recreation area.
  • Alcoholic mixed drinks dispensed in urban wine glasses may not exceed 12 fluid ounces. Malt beverages or wine dispensed in urban alcohol glasses must not exceed 16 fluid ounces.

Any liquor-licensed business in the area that allows customers to bring alcoholic beverages to get off work is required to post an 11″ x 17″ sign at the door that reads, within public view:

“The law requires customers who leave the premises with alcoholic beverages to dispose of them by 10:00pm and before leaving the downtown entertainment district. Anyone in possession of an unopened Alcoholic beverages, or possession in unauthorized containers, are a violation of City Code and may result in a citation and/or fine.”

For more information on the regulations and to view a list of liquor licensed establishments within the open container area, visit

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