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A Canadian man who allegedly yelled at a 9-year-old girl and questioned whether she was transgender has been banned from elementary school track meets in an incident that activists say reflects anti-trans hate sentiment across the country general rise.

Karistal told the Guardian that her 9-year-old daughter was preparing for a shot put competition in Kelowna, British Columbia, when a man tried to stop the match, claiming that Starr’s daughter was either a boy or transgender.

Starr said the incident left her daughter, who is not transgender, “crying hysterically” from the shot put final.

Starr’s ex-partner Heidi described the incident to CTV News: “His wife started calling out that my ex-wife and I — my daughter’s parents — and other parents of trans kids are genital mutilators and beauticians, and The man himself started demanding to see a proof that my daughter was a girl.”

Josef Tesar and his wife Krista attended the event to watch their granddaughter play but were asked to leave by other a Statement to Local MediaTesar denied that he had ever confronted the nine-year-old.

“As I left the officer, a woman said ‘I’m her mum’ and then [she was] Shout out to me and offer to watch it if I want [the girl] Naked, or if I want to see her genitals,” he said. “I said ‘no, the certificate is fine. ’ That’s what I said. I never pointed at another girl and said she was clearly transgender. “

It happened the day before the girl’s 10th birthday.

“Luckily the day after all this happened, she had a birthday party with her soccer team and then another party with her mom, so she was totally distracted,” Starr said. explain. “But at the same time, it really hit her hard.”

British Columbia Premier David Eby condemned the incident, saying the province “does not accept or welcome hate.” “Let’s continue to speak out when we see transphobia. Hate hurts everyone. Let’s stand with this girl and everyone who’s been targeted for being who they are,” he tweeted.

On Wednesday, federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh tweets: “This is where anti-trans hate will lead us. A 9-year-old being verbally abused, humiliated, and left in tears by an adult.”

School officials responded immediately and expressed “strong” support for the family, Starr said.

The district said it is taking steps to formally bar the man and woman from school property and future events.

“We want adults who are invited to celebrate a student’s success to control their behavior and behave in a civil and respectful manner,” school principal and chief executive Kevin Kaardal said in a statement.

The RCMP said they were “actively investigating” the incident after a wave of public complaints, but were unable to provide detailed comment because of the child’s age and the privacy laws. “We share everyone’s grave concerns about acts of discrimination,” police said in a statement.

Toronto community Susan Gapka says the brazen ways adults allegedly confront children reflect a shift in public attitudes following a series of protests across North America over drag incidents, pride flags and library books. Disturbing Transition organizer and transgender rights activist.

“It’s not about protecting children,” she said. “It’s attacking a child under the guise of protecting it. Whether the child is trans or not, it’s all about appearance, they’re ‘something’. It’s intimidation. It’s frustrating. If that bothers me, Imagine how a child would feel.”

Earlier this year, Ohio lawmakers pass a ‘genital inspection’ state law It will require students to carry a doctor’s note verifying their gender to participate in school sports. A few months later, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill banning trans women from women’s sports teams at schools and colleges that receive public funding, reflecting a broader culture war in the country.

No such policy exists in Canada, but the province of New Brunswick recently announced that teachers will no longer be required to use the preferred pronouns or names of transgender or non-binary students under the age of 16.

The change prompted a revolt from a caucus within the conservative government, with dissidents saying the move was unnecessary.a former cabinet minister tell the globe and mail The government “dropped bombs where they didn’t need to be dropped”. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the policy was being promoted by “far-right politicians” who imposed “cruelty and isolation” on vulnerable groups.

British Columbia Conservative Party candidate in early June call for a ban on “men’s participation in women’s and girls’ competitive sports,” adding that the issue should be “top of mind” for voters.

“Sports and recreation should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of gender,” Gapka said. “We have to get better at loving and clinging to each other. I really want to grab the message of hope.”


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