Bella Ramsey Shares That Their Sexuality Is A ‘Little Bit Wavy’ | Entertainment

Actor Bella Ramsey thinks their gender has been “very fluid”. In an interview with Vogue, they discussed their changing sexuality. “I certainly think people think I’m not 100% straight. I’m a bit wavy, you know? That’s what I like to say” – Bella Ramsey on The Last of Us , “You never quite know who you are.” In the past, however, they “had a lot of anxiety about pronouns.” When “The Last of Us” came out, everyone called them “she”, “but now I can speak more, and being called ‘they’ is the most real thing to me.” Thanks to the wardrobe department, the 19-year-olds were allowed to further explore their sexuality while filming the HBO series. They shared, “The costume director would keep several different pieces of underwear in my room: regular bras, binders, sports bras.” Ramsey also had constant support from co-star Pedro Pascal on set—“I always felt like he had my back.” Ramsey shared publicly with The New York Times for the first time that they consider themselves non-binary, saying they enjoyed being mistaken for boys as children. The actor, whose entire career has been ahead of them, said: “I’m just one person.”

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