Bears’ Justin Fields, Bills’ Greg Rousseau among Year 3 players primed to break out in 2023 NFL season

Not so long ago, we were NFL Fans understand that it takes the vast majority of players two full years to adapt to the increased speed and power of the NFL. Now? Yes, society doesn’t like to wait for anything, let alone players slowly coming into their own. However, that doesn’t mean a year 3 breakout won’t happen. They are. And a year 3 breakout usually results in a nice, lucrative contract extension.

These are the third-year pros poised to break out in 2023.

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Yes, Fields went from hotheaded rookie to 1,000-yard rusher in Year 2, but his passing numbers above make it clear he still has plenty of room to grow on the pitch. That growth will happen in 2023, and he’s making his 26th career start this season in a rebuilding Bears offense.

Fields has 13 “significant shots” in 2022, six of which have come in his final five games, including three against the Packers, where he has completed 80 percent of his 25 attempts for 254 yards. After signing solid guard Nate Davis in free agency, Chicago used the No. 9 pick to select pass-block smasher Darnell Wright from Tennessee — I’m in 2023 Grade OT1. YAC monster DJ Moore added a top option in the Bears trade, and rookie speed player Tyler Scott will stretch the defense vertically to provide space for the rushing pass game. Fields is expected to be nearly 65% ​​complete. Now that Fields is more comfortable with the speed of the NFL defense (his handling is clearly improving in 2022) and the venerable receiving trio of Moore, Darnell Mooney and Chase Claypool, he will enter More normal passing yardage and touchdown efficiency range.

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Rousseau’s breakthroughs have been increasing. For a 21-year-old rookie with just one year of college football experience, Rousseau’s pressure creation rate of 11.6 percent was respectable, if unspectacular, and he asserted himself as a rock-solid, winger. Run defenders.

In year 2? The more chiseled Rousseau managed a 14.4 percent higher pressure rate. In addition to the one game he played in during his sophomore season in the NFL, he had at least two pressures. Rousseau’s ability to stack and get off the ball is still evident at the run, though his tackle-to-miss rate is higher than his rookie season. The recently turned 23 defensive end can now learn from and play alongside Von Miller and a similarly sized Leonard Floyd in Sean McDermott’s defense, and he presumably Will be stronger than his first two seasons in the NFL. At nearly 6-foot-7 and 270 pounds, Rousseau is an unconventional perimeter rusher. He’s very mobile, has a huge tackle/sack radius, and has significantly diversified his pass-rush arsenal over his first two NFL seasons.

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Christensen was a tackler for BYU and has been very good at it. He had more than 400 pass blocks for the Cougars in 2021, allowing just three pressures.then he Test it out with an imaginary roof at BYU Pro Day But settling down as a linebacker in his second NFL season, it made sense given his size and lesser touch.

Getting inside has been a godsend for Christensen in his second year. He allowed just 17 pressures in 533 pass block opportunities, and he gave up 25 pressures in 321 pass block opportunities as a rookie. His frame has added volume, and at 6-foot-6 with a 32-inch arm, he’s big enough to handle inside rushers. Christensen will once again play alongside center Bradley Bozeman — their rapport should continue to grow. In addition, Bryce Young is good at passing the ball quickly, and the Panthers also introduced Adam Thielen and second-round pick Jonathan Mingo, who in their own way should be very capable options. Christensen will enter the upper echelon of guards in his 3rd year at age 26 thanks to his passing balance, fine movement and enhanced strength.

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Davis played like a giant, ultra-athletic secondary playmaker this year, making him a 2021 first-round pick. We see improvement from year one to year two, which is a useful prerequisite radar for breakthroughs. Davis’ steals are noticeably more reliable than he was in his rookie season, and he doesn’t seem to get lost in reports as much as he usually does.

The Commanders still have one of the most ferocious, talented defensive lines in the game, made up of a quartet of former first-round picks. While this group primarily attacks the frontcourt rather than block for Davis, now with more than 1,400 tackles on his career resume, the former Kentucky star’s game-diagnostic skills have improved and he’s now more capable of hitting with both hands. Tackler. Davis is just under 6-foot-4 and over 230 pounds with a 33-inch arm and a 4.48 velocity, and he has the items to at least excel in near-end coverage. Davis’ lights appear to come on toward the end of the 2022 season. It will run throughout the 2023 season.

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After just four pressures in his first four games of 2022, Browning exploded with 10 pressures in the sleepiest football game we’ve seen in a while, finishing 12- on “Thursday Night Football.” 9 lost to ColtsThis absurd effort pushed Browning to play to his advantage more and inspired him for the rest of the season. After that effort, Browning averaged more than 2.5 pressures per game the rest of the year, including six games with at least three pressures.

In his second season as an off-ball linebacker, Browning showed great energy, flex and powerful hands coming from the perimeter of the Broncos’ defense. As part of a fairly loaded Charger, the team won’t be able to sensibly focus on Browning’s game plan. Next to Randy Gregory and Frank Clark, Browning will be a monster in 2023 as a pass specialist who’s also comfortable playing off the ball in certain situations thanks to his time in Ohio. Time spent at State and early in his career with the Broncos.

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