5-at-10: U.S. Open story lines, charter school sports debate, Vegas nets title in year 6

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So as the world’s best golfers from around the world headed for a traffic-jammed, bogey-fest at the U.S. Open at Los Angeles Country Club, the PGA Tour announced that embattled president Jay Monaghan was taking a leave of absence to cope. “Medical” case.

The PGA Tour announced in a statement that Monaghan, who behind closed doors claimed to be the world’s biggest hypocrite and brokered a deal with the Saudi-backed PIF and LIV Golf to fund future PGA efforts, is doing what he has never done before. “Recovering” from a disclosed medical condition.

Not sure about the normal recovery time after someone has their head off their ass, but hopefully Monaghan feels better soon.

Side question: Who sent the first “Get Well Soon” bouquet? My money is on Greg Norman. My money isn’t on Rory McCrory.

Monaghan’s combined moves over the past 10 days have left the golf world speechless, and it’s not about strokes, points or shots.

So hopefully, with the third major of the season kicking off on Thursday, the game can get back to the point of the game.

With one day until the start of the 123rd US Open, let’s explore some of the headlines.

— As long as he remains reasonably competitive in almost any field, Phil Mickelson is usually on the shortlist for headline-grabbing headlines in any tournament. A six-time runner-up at the U.S. Open, the pursuit of the only Grand Slam that has escaped his grasp is doubly true. Honestly, I’d like Phil to play this weekend — and play with Rory, then shoot 86 on Sunday. Is that wrong?

– With three of the four licensed Baylor School alumni on hand, anything is possible. All three — Keith Mitchell, Luke Lister and Harris English — have championship pedigree and elite power from the tee. That said, part of the design of the LACC arena is that distance is less important than position, especially as players approach. Of course, there’s the 290-yard par-3 11th, not for the faint of heart. From all perspectives, golfers must be more concerned with the angle of the green than the distance of the green.

— What would Brandel Chamblee say? Keep in mind that NBC — Golf Channel’s parent company — owns the rights to this weekend, so Chamblee is unlikely to hear the diatribe he deserves, but the biggest LIV detractor on Monaghan’s side doesn’t appear to be leaving the intentions of his analysts. Responsibilities of TGCs.

——It’s time for Brooks to shine. Well, Brooks Koepka has taken on the role that the prime Tigers once had. A healthy Brooks has to be one of two or three favorites every time they play a major. period. But a win here — Koepka has five majors, including two U.S. Opens — takes the talk of the LIV-PGA league to a whole new level. There’s no question Koepka should be the captain of the Ryder Cup team because all the letters are wrapped in wedges of love. But if he wins a second major and finishes runner-up at the Masters, the frontrunner for Golfer of the Year has to be a LIV-er, no?

Palm preview?

I found this story instructive.

This is the Reader’s Digest edition. (Side question: Is saying “Reader’s Digest Edition” an outdated reference? Surely it feels like it? Has anyone read Reader’s Digest lately? Bueller?)

Several South Carolina high schools are considering forgoing games against Gray Collegiate this upcoming season. Gray Collegiate is a public charter school with the following mission statement on its website: “Gray Collegiate Academy serves high school students in a safe, small, family-centered environment who seek opportunity and High academic standards and elite track and field athletes while earning up to two years of college credit.”

A noble purpose and the need for and the opportunities that charter schools provide are clear and important.

However, when it comes to high school athletics, charter schools, to all intents and purposes, allow private schools to compete in public school games, and in most cases, charter schools have enrollment caps, meaning they play in smaller Playing in the category, there are a lot of guys on the roster.

In terms of admissions, the playing field — and if you think public schools don’t admit, well, you haven’t paid much attention to high school sports in the past few decades — is extremely skewed toward charter schools.

The debate will come to 423 sooner or later, because Chattanooga is building an athletics powerhouse.

Already competing for and winning district titles and competing in multisport state championships, they will be the first school in Chatt Prep to offer a full junior class this August.

And it’s only going to get stronger. I coached some middle school sports last year and Chatt Prep’s 8th grade team beat Signal 28-0 and Signal played well. I know Chatt Prep is undefeated, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t score.

In men’s basketball, the results were similar.

Those results aren’t lost in the game when a running back is zoned for Red Bank, half the line lives in Harrison, two future DI linebackers come from Brainerd, and the QB comes from, well, you get the idea.


Lord Stanley Cup

So last night the Las Vegas Cavaliers won the Stanley Cup.

For six years, the Cavaliers have been a bout. Yes, six, Vegas is a true expansion team, not a relocating franchise.

I know very little about hockey. There are playoff mustaches and some heavy elbow flexion in celebration.

I also know that if a dude can fight another professional athlete on roller skates, well, those guys are bad guys.

Plus, the difference between hockey on TV and live hockey is the biggest improvement in the viewing experience of any sport.

But my question — aside from noting that both Vegas and Denver beat the No. 8 seed from South Florida to win the NHL and NBA titles in five games — centers on how.

Why did the Hawks never make it to the NBA Finals while the Cavaliers lifted the trophy in year six?

How is it possible that a franchise like the Falcons has been around for almost 60 years and has no rings, while the Cavaliers were champions before they were in elementary school?


this and that

– so Harrison Ford approves of fighting Nazis? OK Not a controversial practice, is it? Side question: Harrison is an 80-year-old guy who still plays Indiana Jones, right? When will “1923” return?

— Hey, that’s cool. The Athletic reports that MLB sources confirmed that the Giants and Cardinals will play a regular-season game at Birmingham’s historic Rickwood Field, home of the Negro League Negro Barons. The game — like the annual Field of Dreams event — is a way for MLB to take the game to a different place with historic significance. It will also pay tribute to Willie Mays, who played for the Black Barons at Rickwood Stadium.

— Former Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer is facing another sexual assault allegation by another woman. He denies it and calls it extortion. Here’s more from USA TODAY.

— As Nuke told Raye Anne (she’s a leftover, isn’t she?), sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes it rains. It rained Tuesday for the Warriors. They will double bottom today.

— so the trans activist who has been banned from taking off her top at the white house. OK. See, it makes no difference to me which pronoun you want to use. you are you. But take a class and pay some respect to the White House and the Oval Office, okay?

— Speaking of golf, here is a review of some interesting citations and media availability PGA-LIV was merged before the US Open. Various views and some interesting ones, especially from Kyle Westmoreland, a PGA rookie who served five years in the Air Force and rose to the rank of captain. Westmoreland was in a players meeting when Monaghan broke the news, and with his real-life military experience greatly outweighing his lack of professional golf experience, Westmoreland told Monaghan, “Mr. , from a previous military standpoint, it was a joke.” Westmoreland also added a very direct and insightful line in the interview: “I’m a very small fish at this. Typical Business first, ethics second. The current leadership has to figure out how to take ownership and convince the players, the members, that this is the right thing to do, but I think it’s an uphill battle.”

– So Pat Sajak Leaving the “Wheel of Fortune”. That’s 41 seasons of brilliance.Here are some of the names mentioned to fill his void Lucky shoes, including frontrunner Ryan Seacrest and even Whoopi Goldberg. wait, what? oops? Really?

today’s question

How Wednesday starts:

Which club are you pulling out of your bag on the 290-yard par 3? I gave all the power out of my 13-year-old Titleist 910 driver and then wished I could get it close and make par.

If you had a choice, which game show would you host?

More likely, Jay Monahan actually underwent a medical procedure (such as having his soul reinstalled), the PGA board advised him to take time off, or the stress got him so depressed that he was fighting with Mick Clubber looks like Rocky died in the locker room after the first fight?

(Side question: Did Clubber murder Mick with that putter? Side question of side question? Why no Clubber-Balboa III? Discuss.)

Which professional fan is the most worthy of celebrating the championship?

As for today, June 14, let’s recap. Happy Flag Day everyone.

Some dude named Donald Trump turns 77 today. Steffi Graf is 54 years old. Boy George is 64 years old.

Rushmore’s “Boy,” got creative.

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