10 Common Marriage Problems and Astrological Solutions

Marriage is a special bond between two people, but sometimes it can become strained, leading to unwanted challenges. Astrology offers a unique perspective on marital problems and provides solutions to resolve them. Consulting a marriage astrologer can shed light on the root causes of issues and offer remedies to restore harmony in the relationship.

Before tying the knot, it’s advisable to seek guidance from a marriage astrologer to ensure compatibility between partners. Kundli matching can reveal potential challenges and the likelihood of a successful and prosperous marriage. Astrology identifies common problems faced by couples and offers remedies to alleviate them.

Common Marriage Problems

Lack of Mutual Compatibility: When there’s bhakoot dosha in the kundli, partners may struggle to understand each other. Mutual compatibility relies on the alignment of janma nakshatra and rashi lords, which influence the mental harmony between partners.

Communication Gap: Initially, couples may avoid confrontation, leading to misunderstandings over time. Mercury’s position and the state of the second house play crucial roles in fostering effective communication between partners.

Over Dominance: Expecting a partner to mirror oneself can lead to conflicts and a lack of personal space in the relationship. Boundaries should be respected to maintain harmony and prevent dominance issues.

Extramarital Relations: Malefic planetary influences can tempt individuals into extramarital affairs, severely damaging the marriage.

Financial Issues: Financial instability or ambiguity can strain a marriage, especially if one partner expects financial security that the other cannot provide.

Jealousy and Pride: Discrepancies in earnings may trigger jealousy or insecurity, causing rifts between partners.

Lack of Sexual Intimacy: Busy schedules or fatigue can diminish sexual intimacy, leading to dissatisfaction and strain in the relationship. Strengthening Venus through astrological remedies can reignite passion in the marriage.

Cultural Differences: Varied cultural backgrounds can result in conflicting values, causing tension between partners.

Interference of In-laws: Overbearing in-laws can disrupt marital harmony, making it challenging for couples to adjust and bond. Astrological remedies can improve relations with in-laws by addressing afflictions in the fourth and tenth houses.

Boredom or Age Difference: Significant age gaps or differing interests can lead to boredom or misunderstandings between partners. Saturn’s influence often contributes to age differences, which can be mitigated through effective remedies.

How an Astrologer Can Help

Astrologers analyze birth charts to identify potential marital challenges indicated by afflictions in the seventh house and its ruling planet. By prescribing remedies to alleviate malefic influences, marriage problem astrologers help individuals approach marital issues logically and garner support from their surroundings.

Effective Remedies

● Chanting “om namo bhagwate vasudevaye” to invoke the blessings of Lord Vishnu and strengthen Jupiter, the planet associated with marital bliss.

● Observing fasts on Thursdays or Fridays and worshipping relevant deities to improve marital harmony.

● Freeing birds from cages to reduce negative planetary influences.

● Avoiding black-colored clothing and opting for yellow or pink attire.

● Worshiping Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati to seek their blessings for a harmonious marriage.

● Donating items such as black sesame seeds or urad dal on consecutive Saturdays to appease malefic planets.


In conclusion, consulting a marriage astrologer can provide valuable insights and remedies to address common marital problems. Instead of hastily considering divorce, it’s essential to understand the astrological factors contributing to relationship challenges. By seeking guidance from an online astrologer for love, individuals can navigate marital issues effectively and foster long-lasting harmony in their relationships.

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